From just £1 per week, you could win...

1st Prize£25,000
With 6 digits matched
2nd Prize£1,000
With 5 digits matched
3rd Prize£25
With 4 digits matched
4th Prize5 prize entries
With 3 digits matched

Joining our Lottery is joining our rescue team.

Since 1974 we’ve protected over 96,422 animals from fear, pain and threat… and counting… each one a tragedy made good. Without government or grant funding for animal rescue, this has only been possible because of you.

We need you today more than ever. Pets, farmed and wild animals are facing an overwhelming silent crisis of overpopulation, abandonment, euthanisation and threats from human activity. Together, we can take action to help them, and push for change.

Our continued success depends on our ability to inspire and support the changes we all need to make to protect animals and our natural environment. This includes our promise to never put a healthy animal down, to rescue, rehome, re-release, and rehabilitate bodies and souls; to prevent the problems at the root cause, work to change government policy and individual choices, and show achievable ways in which we can all help. We are just one part of the larger community team that makes this vital work possible.

We passionately encourage you to join with us to work together toward a world where all people protect animals and value nature.

Joining our Lottery makes you part of the rescue team, where the animals are winners every day.

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