About us

One person can change the world for many.

We want to tell you about the day that Freshfields Animal Rescue was born, and the powerful resolution of that moment that lies at the very heart of who we are today.

A woman like you and I called Lesley was sat in the vets with her dog one day in 1974. As she waited, several animals came in and out of the surgery. Then she saw one dog go in to the treatment room, and only the owner came out. After the owner had left, she asked the vet what had happened to the dog and was heartbroken to hear that the owner had brought in his healthy dog to be put down, because he simply didn’t want him anymore.

Lesley felt that she must do something to stop this happening again. She told the vet to call her when any animal was brought to him to be euthanised because they were no longer wanted. That was the moment when the compassion and determination of one human being changed the future for thousands of animals.

Over the next few months, word got around. Lesley received call after call, and found herself running a fledgling rescue service from her back garden in the Freshfields area of Merseyside. Every animal was protected from an untimely death.

No animal was turned away.

Over the 40 following years, that lone woman was joined by thousands of caring people; the young, old, rich, poor and more, forming a powerful community united in our determination to do what’s right by animals

…and that instinctive response is as strong today as it ever was.

48 years later we…together… still respond to the growing threat to family companions large and small, strays, vulnerable farmed animals, and are also tackling the effects of climate change and human activity on local wildlife from two centres in Merseyside and Wales.

With equal measures of grit, determination, compassion and patience, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year come hail or shine, good times or bad, we provide emergency response, rehabilitation, proactive preventative action for lasting change, and give people the important peace of mind that their much loved companion will be safe.

We are just one part of the community that makes this work possible. Our shared values have achieved a great deal. This is what we stand for:

Our Vision: A world where all people protect animals and value nature.

Our Mission: To provide emergency care for animals in peril; while inspiring and supporting people to protect animals and the natural environment.

We’re nice people. We need you. Join us.

…you may even win £25,000.

To learn more about us visit www.freshfields.org.uk